Useful Web Marketing Resources

Have you been to one of Jan Zimmerman’s presentations? Resources from her recent presentations are conveniently listed on this page, ready for download. These handouts include topics like social media marketing campaigns, website statistical analysis, online advertising campaigns, and other marketing strategies to bring your website up to speed.

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Bricks & Clicks: Using the Web to Drive Traffic to Local Storefronts
ASBDC Annual Conference - 
Grapevine, TX Sept. 2014
Download Bricks & Clicks Local Online Presentation PowerPoint
Download Bricks & Clicks Local Online Handout

Mobile Marketing for Business Success
ASBDC Annual Conference Grapevine, TX Sept. 2014
Download Mobile Marketing Online Presentation PowerPoint
Download Mobile Marketing Online Handout

Yes You Can Market Local Online: Presentation and Book Signing at Op.cit Bookstore, Santa Fe, NM – Oct. 2013
Download Market Local Online Presentation PowerPoint
Download Market Local Online Handout

Local Media Marketing & Niche Social Media Marketing: ASBDC Annual Conference – Sept. 2013
Download Local Marketing Presentation PDF
Download Niche Social Media Marketing Presentation PDF

Social Media Marketing for Authors and Writers: Southwest Book Fiesta - May 2013
Download Social Media Marketing for Authors and Writers PowerPoint
Download Social Media Marketing for Authors and Writers Handout
Download Artists Social Media Resource Handout (2010)

Google Business Suite: Google Engage - Mar. 2013
Download Google Business Suite PowerPoint
Download Google Business Suite Handout

Niche Social Media Marketing: Page One Bookstore Presentation - Feb. 2013Check out our Resources
Download Niche Social Media Marketing PowerPoint
Download Niche Social Media Marketing Handout

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