Small Business Marketing Package

Getting Started: Online Marketing Package

All the Essentials: $3299*

Let us liven your existing site with new trafficLet us liven your existing site with new traffic or help you get started online. We’ll begin by evaluating your existing website or assist in the creation of a website to include key marketing elements to help your business improve in search engine rankings assuring it’s marketing efficacy.

Review your site for user friendliness, search engine compliance, and marketing effectiveness

  • Run baseline reports on search engine ranking, inbound links, and page ranking
  • Review current site traffic statistics using Google Web Analytics (or other installed package)
  • Strategic marketing consultation (1 hour)
  • Ensure that your site is verified in Google, with Analytics and other Google accounts are set up.
  • Recommend web site changes and other appropriate online marketing techniques
  • Suggest changes to your site index to reflect the needs of your target audience
  • Select and test 36 new keywords appropriate for your target market
  • Recommend changes for optimizing 1 paragraph/per page for 6 pages for keywords and metatags
  • Provide tags and optimized text to your developer to place on the site with recommendations for other pages
  • Submit to Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines
  • Request 15 free, targeted inbound links (generally directories) with good Google-relevance
  • Telephone calls, meetings, or video/audio conferencing (up to 5 hours)
  • Create or optimize a Google+ page
  • Create or optimize accounts and profiles on two other social media services of your choice, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube or other appropriate social media sites; do one sample posting each
  • Create a Hootsuite dashboard for social media cross-posting and scheduling
  • Train you and your staff on all social media tools and accounts
  • Create a social media task calendar
  • Follow-up report with comparison to baselines done 3 months after submissions completed
  • Free signed copy of one book

*This package is available for small businesses only. Project management available at hourly rates. Each step includes one revision only. Billed 1/2 up front and 1/2 after 3 months. Must be completed within 6 months or subject to additional charges. Prices above do not include taxes, 3rd party charges, or programming costs incurred by your developer. Some tasks and options may be interchanged.

Package Module: Each option $500

  • Constant Contact Newsletter: template design, set-up, database creation from your files, name verification, create and send 1 newsletter (from your draft), training staff
  • Online Advertising Campaign: choice of one platform (Google, Bing/Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), includes account creation, campaign settings, audience targeting, keyword selection, budget, landing page draft, 3 ads
  • Site or Project Launch with Press Release: write one release from your draft, submit to 5 online press release outlets; submit to 5 online calendars; create content for 3 social media outlets

Hourly or Add-On Rates

  • Web Marketing Assistant/$35 per hour
  • Copywriting/Editing from your Draft by Principal/$65 per hour

Prices above do not include taxes, 3rd party charges, or programming costs incurred by your developer. Some tasks and options may be interchanged.

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